Debra Jones Giusti, Victor, N.Y. —

For 15 years, she was the face of Victor village hall. Residents and visitors who walked through the front door could count on her warm greeting, friendly smile and spot-on service. Former Victor Village Clerk Debra Giusti was described by her peers and community as dedicated, professional, ambitious and thorough, with an ever-present smile and a great sense of humor.

On Tuesday, Dec. 20, 2011, Debra Giusti died at her residence in Jensen Beach, Fla., at the age of 58.

Mrs. Giusti was born and grew up in Rochester. As an adult, she worked for years as a teacher’s aide in Monroe County, and later went back to school to earn a degree from Monroe Community College. At that time, she and her family left Gates to make their home in Victor.

“Debbie was an excellent clerk,” said former Mayor Tom Walker. “She was my right-hand person — my ‘memory.’ She wouldn’t let you forget a thing. She was very friendly, very open — called people by their first name — liked very much by the community. She was a wonderful person.”

Mrs. Giusti was well-known for her commitment to health and fitness, walking or riding her bike to and from Village Hall, and during lunch breaks.

“She was a health food nut — exercised a lot,” said Walker. “You would always see her and her husband walking around the village after work.”

When she retired in June 2008, Mrs. Giusti knew clearly what she would miss most — it would be the people.

“I’m a people person,” Mrs. Giusti said in an interview with Messenger Post at that time. “I really enjoyed working with the residents and trying to make it better for them. It was something different every day, so the job definitely did not ever get boring. It was always a challenge.”

In 2008 Mrs. Giusti and her husband moved to Jensen Beach where she followed her passions, becoming an active member of the Nettles Island tennis club, quilters club and computer club, as well as Treasure Coast Genealogy.

“She always had a smile,” said Walker. “She didn’t get rattled by things. She was just great.”

Mrs. Giusti is survived by her husband of 39 years, Michael Giusti; their daughter and son, Danielle and Brendan; her parents, Mary and Albert Jones; and brother, Donald Jones.

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From Danielle Giusti-Medina

Debra Giusti is an amazing woman, wife, mom, and friend. Her spirit is contagious- always smiling, laughing and finding the good in a situation. Everything is looked at with a positive light.

In April 2011, Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. The disease spread to her lymph nodes, liver and recently a small cancer spot appeared in the fluid surrounding her brain. Her spirit faced it's biggest test. It was a challenge everyday to manage the side effects of her treatment, but mom still found a way to overcome these obstacles.

She continued to go bike riding, swimming, sew, play cards and laugh with friends and family. She refused to let cancer bring her spirit down.

In early December, Mom's liver started to fail. Mom wanted to be at home with friends and family. She wanted to laugh, smile and have a good time with her loved ones. On December 20, 2011 at 1:30pm Mom started a new journey in Heaven.

Let's work together to make sure no more families have to deal with the suffering and fear that comes along with cancer.

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