It’s been said, that everyone gets that “one” teacher in their lives, who “makes a difference”. 

The one who “connects”. 
The one who “gets you”, and makes you want to strive to achieve the potential you have inside you.

I’m sure every teacher gets into the business, to achieve that goal. 
Unfortunately, like most occupations, after the first few years, the excitement “burns off”, and it becomes a way to pay the bills.

Not so with my friend, Alice Webster…     So committed was she, that the love, and excitement for teaching, gratefully never left her. 
She took on every new class with optimism and determination…  
I know they can’t save everyone…
I’m sure they know it too… 

But Miss Webster never gave up the dream she had of motivating children…. 
To instill in them, a “seed”. 
She overlooked all the physical characteristics that most teachers saw immediately,
 and instead,
 Looked through the façade, to the soul that lived beneath,
 Found what sparked that individual,
And fed it….

What a remarkable talent that is. 
And how grateful I am for it.

Her greeting….
“Hey Kid”….   (Said it to everyone.)
But did so, with such LOVE in her voice that everyone knew without question she remembered every nuance of the years they spent together.
Looking back, and considering the number of children she dealt with in her long career,
That’s just not possible…
“Hey kid”, was so much better than, “Sorry, who the hell are you?”

My darling Miss Webster…   Thank you, for throwing out the daily planner,
Thank you, for taking a new approach.
Thank you for realizing your kids needed to pass the regents exams, and giving them what they needed to accomplish that.

 But thank you for knowing that there is so much more to life…
Thank you for looking deeper,
 Thank you for instilling in your kids, the desire to grow.

For the rest of my life, if anyone should ever say…
 “Everyone has that one teacher who made a difference in their lives…”
That’s when I will do everything I can, to see that your beautiful spirit lives on….

Thank you, for being,
“THAT” teacher,
 And thank you,
for being my “friend”…. 
My friend,
My mentor,
My teacher.

Save me a good seat….

Jack Simmonds (August 7, 2011)











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