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About the Class of 1971 Reunion Photo Collection Web Site.

This web site was designed and created as a static site to share all our reunion, mini reunions, year book, and 'our page' photos. The site will remain simple with no pop-up windows or advertisements other than sharing our business cards.

We have established an Eastridge High School Research Team composed of several people willing to help with the collection of information, provide design ideas, photography, yearbook photos, and moral support.

The past Committee Members were Anna Chinnici and Al Servati, Linda Spicer Intini, Linda Tascione, John Maher, Ruth Prack Zwerka, Kathy Furia Gaiter, Jack Simmonds, Patti Arengi Astuto, Linda Marsh Puckhaber, Glenn Romano, Marilyn Piccarreto Markajani, Kathy White Byers, Debbie Sweet Vasile, Laura Di Pinto Julian, Joanne Toscano Hoffmann, Linda Romeo Halter, Ray Liberatore, Joe Incardona, Brian Soule, Donna LaTour-Bergen, Pegi Randisi Russell, Michael Pratt, Greg Powhida, Toni Giordano Cooper, Sunny Compson, Marlaine Featherly, and Jill Thomann.

Special thanks to Martha Carman Dennemann, Sue Barnish Kunzmann, Sharon Biggs Carr, Debe Lasher-Koch, Dan DeMay, Rene Ciufo, Barb Lohmaier, and Bill Turner for providing information regarding our classmates.

Our reunion committee is dynamic and the members are dedicated people who have been willing to spend time organizing our reunions. Although the committee members have changed over the years, there remains a core group of people willing to work together.


You and all the people who help bring us together make the Class of 1971 one of the best!


Thank you.

Anyone with information regarding our 'lost' classmates please contact us so we can update our web site.


Donna LaTour-Bergen has been a great help in providing information regarding our teachers. She also provided the poem "If I Could Teach You Teacher" which was placed on our Teacher Memorial page.

Thank you Donna and Mr. Alan Lamphier for providing the photographs of Miss Bo. Please check our Miss Bo's memorial page.


A special Thank You to Jack Simmonds for helping with Miss Webster's memorial page!

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