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(November 13, 1985)





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(November 13, 1985)


November 13, 1985


Eastridge High School alumni may remember Maritza Ibarra-Velez, an exchange student from Bogota, Colombia, at Eastridge during the 1970-1971 school year.

After graduation she returned to Bogota and went to college.

She married and bore two daughters. She and her husband lived in Armero, where he managed a farm, and she ran an ice cream shop.

On Wednesday, November 13 the volcano, Nevado del Ruiz, erupted, sending lava and mud down the river Lagunilla, inundating the city of Armero.

Mrs. Ibarra-Velez and family did not excape and became four of the 20,000-plus victims buried under 50-feet of mud.

While Mrs. Ibarra-Velez was here, she lived with the Ralph Bierer family at 68 Thurlow Avenue in Irondequoit.

Published in the Irondequoit Post.




For more information: Link to Armero Tragedy.

Rest in Peace Maritza Ibarra

Respectfully the Class of 1971


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