Marlaine's note to her Little Jessie:

Jessie was "the smallest thing"......and she did take up the most room in my heart.

God bless that adorable loving baby girl~ she always made me feel safe by snuggling with me.

Especially if I was sick~ she wouldn't leave me except to go out, then it was right back to me. She was so loyal and steadfast~ she knew where she wanted to be and would stop at nothing to be there.

Sitting here on my sofa with not one afghan covering it seems so very very strange; every sofa we've ever had was full of afghans to cover it from the dogs. Seems so weird to see it like this~ it almost looks bare to me.

And her not being right with me wherever I am is what is the most difficult, because she was always with me, always right where I was.

I woke up last night and reached out for her before I woke up enough to realize she wasn't there.

I pray she is happy~ I pray she is with my dad because she loved Pa more than anything.

I also ask God to ease my pain~ the loss of her is almost unbearable.

Please God~ keep Jessie safe ......and help her Mom stop crying and missing her so.






























Good Bye my little girl, Jessie. I miss you and give my love to Pa.

Love you and miss you.

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