Rocket's Creed


Of money or fame I have no need,
My only desire a thunderous steed,
It's in my blood - It is my creed.
 Hoofs of black - Legs of chrome,
Seats of leather upon her bones,
Her pipes belching  deep rich tones.
 Like Desperados from the past,
A true companion to the last,
Value your life - Don't trespass.
Asphalt highways – A winding trance,
People gather to catch a glance,
I twist the throttle - We start to dance.
She leaps to life – I have no fear,
Seconds later I'm in top gear,
Like Lightning and

Thunder we're out of here.
Our friends we meet – They're much like us,
Riding together - Eating dust,
A bug or two with no disgust.
Our steeds grow thirsty – So do we,
The watering hole soon we see,

Time to enjoy our camaraderie.   


      RocketDog, West Palm Beach, Florida           


Ralph Harnishfeger

RocketDog and Friends







A Biker's Lament


As I ride my thunderous steed,
Twin cylinders pounding beneath my seat;

On my stereo the classics play,
Mozart, Beethoven, and Tchaikovsky this day;
Asphalt passing below my heels,
Flashing chrome on spinning wheels;
Wind blowing through long dark hair,
Deep inside quiet despair;
I dream of the day when I will ride,
The woman I love by my side;
A prayer that someday she will see,
Money and status mean nothing to me;
The joys of life and living free,
This is how God intended it to be;
Until that day I ride alone,
Looking for the one to make me whole;
Deep in my heart I know it's true,
The woman I seek be just like YOU.

RocketDog, West Palm Beach, Florida




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